Our Mission is simple

Floor polishing is a process to polish floors which are usually made of natural stone such as marble, terrazzo, or granite. Even usually for floors made of cement mortar and parquet wood floors.
Then, is it important for us to polish the floor?
The answer is very important, because if you think that floor polish is only for the purpose of polishing the floor, you are wrong. Because, apart from aiming to get a shiny floor, of course, floor polish has several other benefits:
- Flatten the surface of your luxury floor, which will definitely make your floor look better on the eye
- Clean the stains / dirt that has entered the pores of your floor
Provides protection against fungus attack
- Finally, of course, your floor will look more stunning with its new gloss.
We already long time (almost 12 years) and already big experiences for our customers. Ok guest for more details you just contact as at:
+62 8112 851 2717 or just sent email to info@balipolesmaintenance.com


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